Polarization has fractured American life at nearly every turn. In a period of intense political and social fragmentation and division, where does society turn to reclaim a sense of unity and cohesion?

Do we not, as citizens of this country, reclaim our unity by way of identifying with our national culture and the set of timeless values that have withstood the tribulations wrought by the vicissitudes of historical change and fluctuation?

Every group is fighting for control of What America ought to be without understanding what America is.  A nation unites a people much like a religion. The formula is simple. Provide a set of values that are reflected in rituals. These rituals begin at the body and stimulate the mind and spirit thereafter, and their collective experience forms the basis of a community. At AJJ we hope to rebuild the fabric of America’s spirit by returning to principles that are not presented or lambasted on podiums for all to hear – but reflected in a primordial bodily art for all to feel. In returning to foundational principles, we aim to stimulate and provide a real authentic and American experience.